Best oil for harley davidson twin cam

All engines heat up as they continue to combust fuel, the heat spreads gradually from the combustion chambers across the aluminum or iron block. To assure that the heat is managed within a limit of operational integrity, cooling systems are integrated with the engine.

One of these cooling systems is the oil cooler. Oil coolers are very basic systems; they include a serpentine tubing that coils within a fin system radiator that uses air to cool the oil passing within the tubes. Some oil coolers come with an additional fan to help the cooling when the bike is stationary, or when the engine is overheating.

This system is called a heat exchanger, and it means that the heat from the oil is sucked up into the fins through the tube, and the temperature of the oil is exchanged through rapid air cooling over the radiator fin surfaces.

The Jagg Dyna row Low Mount oil cooler system is a low-profile system. This row radiator delivers exceptional thermal transfer characteristics and gives you the best flow for the heat exchange ratio there is.

Oils for Harley Davidson Motorcycles – Buyer’s Guide!

It is placed conveniently beneath the voltage regulator behind the fender. This kit comes with its own mounting bracket that is designed to sit as low as possible, while seated above the bottom of the frame. The adapter is made from hard anodized billet aluminumand the fins are made from aluminum construction. The finish is a durable gloss black powder coating.

This model comes with a thermostatically-controlled offset oil filter adapter which provides easy access for installation and maintenance of the oil cooling system. This is a low mounting unit for additional performance and delivers the exceptional look and feel with high-quality cooling effectivity. This model is spaced away when mounted using the Uralite mountsonto the left frame down-tube, the design maximizes airflow to both the oil cooler and the engine block. The Uralite mounts are designed to absorb vibrations and shocks from everyday use.

The Deluxe Oil Cooler has a two-pass six-tube design that delivers three times more cooling surface than most of the competition. This design comes with inline tabulators that effectively reduce oil pressure loss or restriction. The body is constructed from aluminum alloy fins that are hard anodized for a corrosion free performance, and the end caps are made from a billet machined aluminum.

It uses the Jagg HyperFlow Technology for delivering top-level performance. The Jagg FLH row low mount oil cooler system is another exceptional Jagg model that comes with all the attributes and technology of Jagg.Some of the links on this site are Amazon affiliate links. If you click on them and make a purchase, we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for your continued support!

An important and essential part of Harley Davidson maintenance and ensuring that you get the most miles out of it as possible is by using the right motorcycle oil and changing it at regular intervals. Oil is very important because it keeps the moving parts in your engine well lubricated and reduces as much friction as possible.

The better lubricated your motor is, the longer your parts will last, because friction wears down the metal parts. Not only that, but increased friction means less power output to the wheels, since a lot of the energy generated by internal combustion will be lost as heat just in overcoming the friction.

Oil also forms a protective coating around the metal parts which limits contact with oxygen, preventing oxidation, which further wears out the metal parts akin to rusting. One important thing to keep in mind is that motor oils are not one size fits all.

Depending on the kind of engine you have, you will need a specific kind of motor oil. Amsoil is probably the most well known and trusted brand of motorcycle oil for Harley Davidson. They have the stamp of approval from the biggest motorcycle rallies in the nation:. Amsoil is a very efficient synthetic oil, as it is able to reduce the engine temperature by nearly 40 degrees. It is an effective lubricant and keeps your engine parts moving smoothly and cleanly. This oil is made with additives that inhibit deposits and contaminants from forming, especially under higher temperatures.

No matter where you ride your bike, this oil is designed to provide better protection. Which brings us to the next plus point: Amsoil is very great value.

People say you can use it for twice as long as other oils, but as I advised above, I would not push it that far and would still keep a check on the performance of the engine to gauge when to change the oil.

If you have a 4-cycle V-twin engine, Mobil1 synthetic oils are particularly well performing.

best oil for harley davidson twin cam

The beauty of Mobil1 oils is that they maintain a very good viscosity even at very low temperatures. As a result, your engine runs smoothly right from a cold start. Mobil1 oils are designed with motorcycles in mind and are adept at handling shear stress, which — if unchecked — can cause the oils to become less viscous in top tier, high-demand engines. Like we mentioned above, the stability under a wide range of temperatures will also prevent the metal parts of your engine from oxidizing.

The best oil to use in Flathead engines and transmissions is SAE The best oil to use in Knucklehead engines and transmissions is SAE The best oil to use in Panhead engines and transmissions is SAE The best oil to use in Shovelhead engines and transmissions is SAE The best oil to use in Evolution — Twin Cam engines and transmissions is 20W Generally speaking, you want to use synthetic oil only.

There was a time that most people used natural oils but with the advancements in technology synthetic oil is a far better option. Perhaps the main reason synthetic oil is better can be understood by two crucial factors.Have you ever wondered why there are so many separate HD oil products available in the market? You could have easily used normal engine oil and be done with it, right? However, no, that is not the case. Unlike the other motorcycles, the Harley Davidson bikes generally come with a powerful engine.

Therefore, they do require the best oil to use in Harley Davidson motorcycles to work in a proper manner. I will be talking about some of the high-quality oil for Harley Davidson in the market. Besides their names, I will also be providing some essential information about them. Thus, make sure to check everything as meticulously as possible. But before that, check the table to understand what I am gonna review.

Here I have covered almost all the oil products that, along with many other users, think to be the best in the market. However, I have only provided five of the best products here. Otherwise, you might have felt that you are in a never-ending battle. They, even, were the first brand in the world that produced the first synthetic motor oil in the market.

best oil for harley davidson twin cam

However, that is not the only astounding thing, which they have achieved since their inception. They have also provided some of the best oil products in the market, and this one here is one of the best among them. Furthermore, regarding thermal balance, it is also quite stable, which can be quite excellent for your motor too. Another factor, which makes it the best oil for Harley transmissionis its ability to lower the chances of wear and tear.

Furthermore, the oil product also contains a high amount of heat resistant components. Therefore, it can reduce the oxidation of the engine in cases of extreme weather. Hence, if you use this product with your bike regularly, then your engine will be clean and fresh for a prolonged period. However, unfortunately, this product is generally used in the Harley Davidson motors that require 20W or 15W oils.

So, if your bike is not compatible with it, then you would have to look for other options.

AMSOIL Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Recommendations

Install a tuner for Harley and you can watch the oil condition of your HD on your smartphone. View On Amazon. There are several reasons for me to recommend this oil product to you.One of the major benefits of running a synthetic motorcycle oil is its resistance to oxidation and thermal degradation, which inhibit the formation of sludge and deposits that contribute to increased wear.

As heat and oxidation increase, so does viscosity, adversely affecting the lubricating qualities of the oil and increasing wear.

The water, soot and acid byproducts of combustion also contribute to deposit formation. Of course, promoting regular oil changes is also a good way to promote using petroleum-based Genuine H-D Oil. High-quality synthetic oils formulated with high-performance additives effectively withstand such contaminants, allowing motorcyclists to safely extend drain intervals.

This feature, however, is not unique. AMSOIL 20W Synthetic Motorcycle Oil may also be used in the engines, primary chaincases and transmissions of these applications, providing superior lubricating protection in each component. Formulated with top-of-the-line synthetic base stocks and high-temperature deposit control additives, AMSOIL Synthetic Motorcycle Oils provide superior protection and performance for motorcycles in all operating conditions.

AMSOIL Motorcycle Oils effectively withstand oxidation and thermal degradation, keep wear to an absolute minimum, hold contaminants in suspension and keep engines running cool and clean. Placed in a bath of the test lubricant, three fixed steel balls are put into contact with a fourth ball in rotating contact at preset test conditions.

Lubricant wear protection properties are measured by comparing the average wear scars on the three fixed balls. The smaller the average wear scar, the better the protection.There are a lot of different combinations put out there on the internet.

Some use gear lube in the transmission and chaincase. Some even use ATF in chaincase and claim they have great results. What is the best combination for my bike?

Why buy AMSOIL's 20W-50 Motorcycle Oil?

Should one use these dedicated fluids? There truly is no wrong answer. For those that prefer a specialized fluid, the V-Twin Primary and V-Twin Transmission Fluids will certainly provide outstanding performance and protection. Expect smooth, quiet shifting with maximum component life. Therefore, it will not leave transmission or primary components vulnerable to accelerated wear. Some may think that they are using a thicker oil by using a gear lube.

But remember that engine oils and gear lubes use different viscosity scales to prevent confusion. As you can see, the 20W motorcycle oil is very close to the 75W in terms of actual viscosity.

So those opting for a gear lube thinking that they are using thicker oil, really are not. Those using an 80W or 75W in their transmissions are actually using a much thinner oil.

Again, AMSOIL 20W Motorcycle Oil is packed with additives specifically designed to prevent wear in clutches, gears, chains and sprockets, so again there is no downside to going the 20W route. Some tout the use of automatic transmission fluid ATF in Harley primary chaincases.

We do not recommend this option. We submit that ATF viscosity is far too thin for this application and think that the risk of long term wear is far too great. The second main reason that we recommend using 20W motorcycle oil in the engine, transmission and primary chaincase is that you can buy one product for everything.

Therefore, you can keep one product on hand and bring one oil along on trips for top-ups. Oil Depot Blog. What About Gear Oil?

Convenience: One Effective Product For Everything The second main reason that we recommend using 20W motorcycle oil in the engine, transmission and primary chaincase is that you can buy one product for everything. Marc Roden Independent Dealer info oildepot.Skip to main content Harley Oil Change Kit.

Currently unavailable. Great buy Take to HD they want See All Buying Options. RedLine Bundle. In Stock. First of all Redline synthetic oils are top notch, the transmission gear oil will quiet your shifts, the primary oil is not so slick as some other synthetics so it keeps your clutch from slipping, and the motor oil is great to reduce heat from the twin cam motors. Also I got 5 quarts of motor oil and my bike only needs 4 so 1 goes to a free future oil change, the funnel works great on twin cam motors, and the injector cleaner works well too, but the hat and stickers are just too cool.

Add to cart. Same as HD. But alot cheaper. Glad I ordered this.

best oil for harley davidson twin cam

This is my first Harley and so I have learned that Harley oil changes are messy. This does reduce the oil mess. I reccomend this. It was everything I expected. I had been using another more well known synthetic for years. Came across this "kit" thought I give it a try.

My bike feels like it runs smoother on this brand than the other.

Best Motor Oil For Harley Davidson: The Definitive Guide 2020

I trust Maxima, I used to use it in my younger days when I had dirt bikes and did some local racing. My bikes ran just as well as the others and lasted. The filter looks identical to the brand name I usually run, fit was perfect and no leaks. Everyone seems to have an opinion about which oil is best or how often to change it.

My philosophy is to put a high quality oil in the engine so that I can extend the life of the engine, increase performance, reduce heat and most importantly; extend the mileage for oil changes. I put this oil in my Yamaha Raider and I can tell you I achieved those goals Well, time will tell on the engine life but I get smoother shifting, less heat, and extend my oil changes to every 5k miles. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Excellent product. The local bike shop turned me on to Red Line Oil.

I use nothing else for my bike now. You need to try it. Very good oil change kit nice heavy filter with nice thick metal not like a cheap fram. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime.We hope you love the products we recommend and just so you know that as an Amazon Associate MyEngineNeeds may earn from qualifying purchases. Your Harley Davidson gains lots of attention wherever you go, and you should be proud of it. So as the owner, you naturally want and have to maintain it well.

An essential maintenance rituals involves a regular engine oil change, using the best oil available. Synthetic engine oil not only keeps motorcycles cool but also cools cars and lawnmowers. And as its particles remain suspended and unsettled, it traps more contaminants. This, in turn, prevents particles from settling as sludge to the bottom of your engine to facilitate increased lubrication and better mileage. Harley Davidson motorcycle engines are exposed extreme heat.

And as the engine is air-cooled, it tends to get even hotter when it remains idle because of a traffic jam. It can, in fact, reach temperatures that are a maximum of degrees Fahrenheit. Besides, water and all the combustion by-products also form a sludge which is why engine oil has to be periodically changed to eliminate these remove these impurities. Synthetic oils have additives that withstand these containments to facilitate prolonged engine oil drain intervals. The next question that springs to mind is with so many brands and types of synthetic oils in the market, you wonder what oil is best for your Harley Davidson.

best oil for harley davidson twin cam

You need to use synthetic oil with a very high viscosity index VI number, which is the top and low-temperature performance of oils. It is the VI that tells you how much the oil tends to thin out when it gets hot. It is the oils with a higher VI that maintain viscosity better at elevated temperatures. This is because you will notice a drop of degrees once you start using the oil. Another option is asking several Harley-Davidson riders using Amsoil synthetic motorcycle oil for their experience, and you will get a positive Amsoil endorsement from them.

They will vouch by experience that the oil very efficiently reduces engine heat by up to forty degrees. Besides, Amsoil is versatile oil which you can utilize in not only in the engine but can also keep the primary chain cases and transmission clean.

Another benefit of using Amsoil in your Harley Davidson is that its synthetic oil with great value. The oil can be utilized for a longer time when compared to other engine oils. You need to change it after more than twice the time suggested by the manufacturer. Amsoil is formulated using the best synthetic base oil and additives that prevent the formation of deposits in high temperatures. This in turn is how the oil protects your motorcycle so that it performs well in any operating condition.

It effectively withstands oxidation and any deterioration of the oil because of heat. It is these features that help minimise wear and tear, reduce oil consumption, and keep contaminants suspended and to keep the engine contaminant free and maintained at low temperatures all the time. Besides, as Amsoil is approved for use in any stage of engine life, including the first service, you can use it as soon as you get your Harley Davidson.

Mobil1 is especially helpful at protecting 4-cycle, V-twin type engines; especially the air cooled ones that tend to run hotter than other engine types.

Mobil1 flows exceptionally well even at low temperatures which reduce engine start-up wear. It is also instrumental at resisting any reduction or changes in the oil because of increased temperatures and thus help prevent possible degradation of oil.

Mobil1 synthetic oil is also useful for your Harley Davidson as it protects against any strain on the engine because of high temperatures and because of increased engine speed.

The oil is very helpful at stabilizing shear stress, which in turn can prevent a reduction in viscosity levels in high performance transmissions and engines like in your Harley Davidson motorcycle. The oil also is also famous for maintaining stable temperatures which is useful at preventing oxidation and deterioration of the oil due to increased temperatures. Besides, Mobil1 provides improved lubrication to your engine parts which is essential for providing utmost strength and speed throughout the engine life.

It is a combination of all these features that help Mobil1 provide outstanding protection against engine and transmission components. Your email address will not be published. April 12,

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